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Roger Ford


Arthur Ives

Solid Ground (Youth) Leader

Andy Proud

Andy's testimony reads: "I became a Christian when I was around 7 years old.  My Mom taught me about the Lord.  She used to do Back-Yard-Bible-Clubs.  She led many of the kids in my neighborhood to the Lord.  Every morning my Mom listened to “Thru the Bible” with Dr. J. Vernon McGee.  I sat on the couch and she in her rocking chair.  I think the three of us went through the Bible at least 3 full times before I finished high school.  In addition, my Mom raised foster kids while I was a boy.  When she had time, she attended college to become a teacher.  I think I got my gift and desire to work with kids from her and the Lord.  In 1998, while a junior officer in the Air Force, I started teaching Sunday School to 7th grade boys in Fairborn, Ohio at First Baptist Church.  I also was a counselor at summer camp.  Later, I helped with the Wright-Patterson AFB Chapel urban youth outreach and taught middle and high school children.  Then in Alabama, I taught 3-5 grade boys and girls at Frazer United Methodist Church.  In addition, the Air Force gave me specialized training in developing curriculum and teaching.  After moving to Florida, I taught high school boys and girls at Niceville Assembly of God.  While in San Antonio, TX, my new bride Archie and I led a Royal Rangers troop for 5-14 year old boys at El Sendero de la Cruz Assembly of God.  (Royal Rangers is a Christian boy scout program.)  I used my military training to help me teach the boys orienteering, camping and tying complicated knots.  Sendero is a Spanish speaking church.  It took a while for me to gain the kids trust since I did not speak their language and many were influenced by gangs.  Archie did better at picking up Spanish.  God has given me both a blessing and burden to teach children about the Lord Jesus and to counter the daily mis-information pulling them away from our loving Lord and Creator."

Children's Ministry Leader

Julie Rhodes

Julie has been active in the children's ministry at Grace Baptist Church of Sunset Beach for the past 11 years. She feels that God has gifted her to teach children, and has faithfully used her gift to tell children about Jesus for over 37 years.